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 Quake 3 Excessive...

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PostSubject: Quake 3 Excessive...   Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:12 am

As I mentioned, I played alot of excessive back in Q3.
Here is a few vids from that time, made by the community itself.
This was all in US servers, US players and ladders.

Excessive was a mod of Mr Pants orginal.

All produced / created by VooDoochild, one of the really great players in the community.
Besides of being all weapons, you'll notice the difference in movements compared to Strafing, jumping, rockets us in insta.
Here we used nades, bfg to "boost" off corners moving faster through the map. Caps could therefore be made in a matter of 5 or less seconds.. depending on the skill of the individual player. It was adrenalin loaded because you had to move fast, watch your back, kill enemies and consider tactics. You had to think really fast. It was good fun Smile

Quake 3 XMovie

X Public - Quake 3 arena Excessive mod

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Quake 3 Excessive...
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